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Who and When

  • The table below is a visual guide to the number of people that will be on Expo during each week.
  • Expo 2018 will be running from the 7th of July until the 19th of August.
  • Please indicate in comments if you also intend to stay in Austria for the Europseleo Conference afterwards, and if so, how long.

red means you're there that week, orange means 'undecided/flexible', yellow means 'there for half week', grey means you're not there.

Name                                         Length of  expoage
Week 1: 07-13 Jul
Week 2: 14-20 Jul
Week 3: 21-27 Jul
Week 4: 28Jul-3Aug
Week 5: 04-10 Aug
Week 6: 11-18 Aug
Example N weeks Cycling out, hanglider home
Ruairidh Macleod 4 weeks Travelling from Tübingen out (if anyone is going by?); staying for Eurospeleo then returning in wookvan to Cambridge
Radost Waszkiewicz 3-4 (?) weeks Travelling from China (most likely); staying for Eurospeleo then most likely going to Spain for another expo, hopefully having my kit transported from Cambridge to Austria by someone (Pleeease?)
Philip Sargent 4 - 5 weeks Coming all the time except for a break in the middle (leaving expo early Thursday 19th and arriving back 24th). Out in Margot's van. Final return to UK not arranged yet.
Luke Stangroom (ULSA) 5 weeks With the Yellow Van maybe go to Eurospeleo. (Intended plan but might be disrupted)
George Breley (SUSS) 5 weeks Drive van from UK with Luke arrive ~12th
Christopher Holt 2 weeks Driving from Hertfordshire (very near Cambridge), due on the 10th Aug. Staying for Eurospeleo and the start of Dachstein. Need to be back for the school term.
Wookey 3 weeks + eurospeleo Will bring wookvan. Staying for Eurospeleo. Travelling from/to Cambridge. Leave on 28th July 3pm ferry. Return Monday 27th Aug. 10pm ferry. Room for quite a lot of gear. Gear return volume somewhat limited by need to use van during Eurospeleo.
Paul Fox 3 weeks Travelling out in the Wookvan. Return by train via Salzburg, Frankfurt and Brussels.
Max Weiser (ULSA) 4-5 weeks Will take a train from Munich.
Becka Lawson 6 weeks Travelling out with Anthony in his van at the start. Julian and I can probably get gear back from Austria plus us two in the car. We'd have room for a passenger or two but we'd be leaving around 2 weeks after end of Expo from the French Alps. I'd be happy for company to cave / cycle / whatever as Julian'll be hang-gliding then.
Natalie (from Expo2008) + Neil (noncaver) 2 weeks + Eurospeleo. From/to Leipzig Germany in a car. We'll arrive on the evening of August 5 (or 6 if we get delayed).
Alex Sterling (NUCC) 3 weeks Driving with Jacob Puhalo-Smith and Ryan Boultbee. Leaving 15th in red jimny.
Jacob Puhalo-Smith (NUCC) 3 weeks Plan would be to drive there and back, arranging with Alex Sterling to sort out logistics. Leaving 15th in red jimny.
Ryan Boultbee (NUCC) 3 weeks Came with Alex and Jacob. Leaving 15th in red jimny.
Haydon Saunders (non-member) 5-6 weeks driving from UK, stay for eurospeleo and dachstein
Mark Shinwell approx 2 weeks + EuroSpeleo Can probably take gear (but maybe not people) from the UK in my car. Will be staying for EuroSpeleo. Can probably take gear back again.
Phil Underwood 0 weeks Leave UK via Hull->Zeebrugge 17th August, arrive expo 18th. Happy to help out with de-rigging, packing away, leading eurospeleo trips if wanted. Will attend one day of eurospeleo, then the rest of my family arrive for hols. Return to UK 1st September ish, can take a car-load of gear back to Cambridge or Yorkshire
Nadia Raeburn-Cherradi (ULSA) 3 weeks Arrived 16th July by public transport. Leaving Aug.10th
Michael Sargent 2 weeks Travelling out in Wookvan. Return to be arranged. Gear returning in wookvan.
Adam Henry 2 weeks 30/7-12/8. Transport: We have a transit camper with 3 front seats. Out: we're heading to the Berger 23-30th July and will need space to sleep in the back of the van too so not likely to be too helpful. Return: To the UK for work by 13/august
Cat Henry 2 weeks 30/7-18/8. Transport: With as Adam
Jon Arne Toft 3-4 weeks Own transport out. Train back 4th Aug.
Philip Withnall 2 weeks Flying to/from Munich and getting the train to Bad Aussee. Arriving 16th, departing 29th.
Todd Rye (MUSC) 3 weeks No transport planned yet
Lydia Leather (NUCC) 3 weeks Planned: I don't trust my car, so will either be taking public transport or catching a lift. Actual: Left expo on the 28th in Lydia's car.
Michael Holliday (SUSS) 3 weeks Original plan: Want to come out for all of it. Plan to go to Eurospeleo afterwards, then doss around Europe for a while and get to expedition in Spain during September. Don't drive, poor student, would appreciate lift out to Austria at least. In reality, left expo on Sat.28th.
Tom Crossley 2 weeks Travelling out under own steam (flight to Salzburg then train to Bad Ausee), returning with Mike Butcher for the weekend of the 21st.
Mike Butcher (ULSA) 2 weeks Will either drive out or fly depending on if I can get passengers and what's cheapest. If driving will have space for at least 3. Hoping to be back on Mendip for a party on the weekend of the 21st July.
Adam Aldridge 5 weeks no transport planned in advance. Leaving 9th August. (baggage home via dpd courier)
Chris Densham 3 weeks coming for 3 weeks at the start, driving to and from UK
Olly Hall (SUSS) 2 weeks Flying out, a lift from Bad Aussee station would be appreciated on 20th and back on 3rd.
Anthony Day 3 weeks Will be in the UK with a small van (Kangoo) with space for gear. Sail into Harwich early on 1st July so can swing by the Cambridge tackle store. Depart Weybridge (Surrey) for Austria on the evening of 6th July with one spare seat- co-driver appreciated. Returning to Norway with Julia on Tuesday of week 4
Julia Day half week Three nights at base camp (Sat 28th - Tue 31st)
Frank Tully 3 weeks Planning to leave Bristol Fri 6th July, Provisionally traveling out with Chris Densham from Oxford.

However I have a car which is in Scotland, so would have to bring it down to Bristol before heading out.. which means I'd rather leave it up north and save 14 hours driving before and after expo.

Dickon Hood (UBSS?) 2 weeks Planning to travel out from Bristol with Jim and possibly Lisa from UBSS. Have my own small shitty car which will be used if need be.
Jim Blackford (UBSS) 2 weeks Leaving from Bristol with Dickon and Lisa
Lisa Smith (UBSS) 2 weeks -Leaving from Bristol with Dickon and Jim
Typhon King (ULSA) 2 weeks (UNPLANNED) UNPLANNED - Arrived Leaving 6th August.
Adelaide de Diesbach (SUSS) 2-3 weeks Transport to Austria undecided, will not need transport back to England - getting train back to France on Aug 4th. (although I'd appreciate it if someone with a car could bring my caving kit back with them!)
Manfred Wuits (Vienna) 1 week local caver from austria, joined for initial weekend. arrive by train from vienna (coming in for expedition dinner on jul 30, staying until aug 6)
Rachel Turnbull (ULSA) 1/2 weeks Flying to Salzburg and getting the train to Bad Aussee in time for the expo dinner, then heading over the hill to see the Germans. Plan to leave on the 10th Aug. Caved with Germans for a week.
Beth Jones (ULSA) 0 weeks Unfortunately broke her ankle.
Alex Hannam (Cardiff, Hedges) 0 weeks Fucked his leg. Original plan was driving from UK, staying for eurospeleo and dachstein. definitely last 2 weeks possibly weeks 3 and 4 as well work and money depending.
Rostam Namaghi 0 weeks Now cancelled. See Expo facebook posting.
Wob Rotson (ULSA) 0 weeks Rearranged face. Open wound incompatible with expo.
Thomas Starnes 0 weeks Cancelled. No longer driving with space for 3 passengers or gear.

Transport: by week

Colour key: Week 1 , Week 2 , Week 3 , Week 4 , Week 5 , Week 6

TBA=To be advised, S0=No spare seats, S1=One spare seat

Week Going
Gear Returning Gear Expoers Cars Expo
W1 Anthony Day (AD,Weybridge)

Mike Butcher (MB,Mendips)

Chris Densham (CD, Oxford, 2p)

Hayden Saunders;(HS,?)

Becka Lawson(AD)

Frank Tully;(CD)

Michael Holliday ; (?, Sheffield)

W3 Chris Densham (CD, Oxford) Frank Tully;(CD)
W4 Wookvan (W, Cambridge)

CADAVAN (AH & CH, From France)

Paul Fox(W) Michael Sargent(W)
W6 CADAVAN (AH & CH,  Plus Rob Adams?)
(Eurospeleo) W7 Wookvan
(Eurospeleo) W7 Car with 0 spare seats. Can take gear. Going from/to Leipzig Germany. natalie+neil