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Troggle is a system under development for keeping track of all expo data in a logical and accessible way, and displaying it on the web. At the moment, it is under development at

Note that the information there is incomplete and editing is not yet enabled.


Old expo website

Troggle: planned

Troggle: progress so far


Yes; manually formatted each year

Yes; wiki-style

Start at the front page, [1] and click to logbook for year. The logbooks have been parsed back to 1997.

Cave index and stats generated from survex file



Done; see [2]

Survey workflow helper

Yes; minimal. surveys.csv produced an html table of whose surveys were not marked “finished”

Yes. Makes table of surveys per expo which shows exactly what needs doing. Displays scans. Integrated with survex, scanner software, and tunnel.

See it at . Be sure to try a recent year when we should have data. Survex, scanner, and tunnel integration still needs doing.

QM lists generated automatically

Depends on the cave. Each cave had a different system.

Yes; unified system.

Done, but only 204 and 234 Qms have been imported from old system so far. No view yet.

Automatic calendar for each year of who will be on expo when

No, manually produced some years


Done; see (replace 2007 with year in question)

Web browser used to enter data



Everything can be edited through admin, at . Ask aaron, martin, or julian for the password if you want to have a look / play around with the admin site. Any changes you make will be overwritten. Eventually, data entry will probably be done using custom forms.

Cave and passage descriptions

Yes, manually html coded.

Yes, wiki-style.

Not done yet.

Expo handbook

Yes, manually html coded.

Maybe. Needs to be discussed further.

Not done yet.

Table of who was on which expo



Data has been parsed, this view hasn't been written yet.

Signup form, System for keeping contact, medical and next of kin info



Signup form should be ready by 20 Jan.

Automated photo upload and gallery

No; some manual photo galleries put together with lots of effort


Photo upload done, gallery needs writing.