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It is recommended that members of CUCC and Expo use some combination of coloured tape or similar tagging system to mark their gear.

Please edit this page to list your currently used gear tape colours if you are involved with either CUCC or the CUCC Expo. You must have an account on the wiki to edit this page. Use other entries in the table as an example format.

When choosing gear tape colours, try your best to avoid using in-use combinations, especially if in use by a member who is listed as currently active in the club or expedition.

Purple tape is reserved for club gear. The only exception to this is members of other clubs who attend Expo.

Old Gear Tape Page

If you are looking for the table of gear tape colours from the old wiki, please see this link.

Gear Tape

Frequently Seen Members

Name Tape Colours
Chloe Crossley other rainbow
David Walker yellow grey
Harry Kettle blue orange
Ruairidh Macleod blue brown Do NOT steal my colours.
Tom Crossley yellow black yellow
Wassil Janssen black white black

Infrequently Seen Members

Name Tape Colours
Adrian Horrell white
Aiora Zabala brown NA
Alex Crow blue earth
GazizaDweme red earth earth GazizaDweme
Gradalrit yellow white brown Gradalrit
JamesRok white purple yellow JamesRok
PyRRHA50 brown orange yellow RGB_
Wookey green brown
zpppinfSon orange other orange zpppinfSon

Expo Members

Name Tape Colours
10icdSon other purple white 10icdSon
Davidmes grey grey blue Davidmes
KaralinkaSon green orange white KaralinkaSon
Kudaztiksper brown red earth Kudaztiksper

Inactive Members

Name Tape Colours
EllImmisp orange green other EllImmisp
Keyttwigree white purple green Keyttwigree