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CUCC Annual Dinner 2012

Annual Dinner

CUCC has a fine tradition of dinners streching back over its 60-year history.

There is normally a formal Annual Dinner in Cambridge which involves a certain amount of fun an foolishness. As formal dinners go they are an amusing mix of Formal and ridiculous. A cross-dressing theme developed in the 1980s, and has remained popular, along with various forms of caving fancy dress too. Black tie is also perfectly acceptable. A party is usually held afterwards.

Prizes are awarded for such feats as 'Driver of the year', the 'Golden boot' for the year's finest cock-up, the 'Silver slipper' for the year's best caving bullshit and the 'Big Shaft' award for the most impressive caving discovery. Other ad-hoc awards are invented to commemorate notable events during the year.

ExCS Dinner

CUCC has an informal spin-off called ExCS - the Ex Cambridge Speleologists. From time to time a dinner outside Cambridge (in a caving area) is organised, usually under this banner.

Annual Dinners

Every 10 years or so we have a major reunion weekend where lots of ancient CUCC members can come and see what their disreputable mates are doing these days.

CUCC celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2019!

The 70th anniversary dinner weekend was held in Kettlewell in the Yokshire Dales on the week-end 18-20 of September 2009. There was great deal of caving, walking, cycling, drinking and other friendly activities!

Club Curries

Rather less grand than a fancy dinner, but no less important, are the club curries. We try to get out all together to a curry house in Cambridge for a nice sit down meal. Lovely.